Michael Bahn is stepping down from the executive editorial board of Biogeosciences

16 March 2023

Michael Bahn has stepped down as editor-in-chief of Biogeosciences. He joined BG in 2009 as an associate editor and became one of the co-editors-in-chief in 2014. We would like to thank Michael for the many years of dedicated work for the journal and for his energy and enthusiasm to move the journal forward. We will sincerely miss his advice in diplomatically solving any challenges. It was a great pleasure to work with Michael, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Sara Vicca took up her role as a new co-editor-in-chief in early 2022. Sara has a background in terrestrial carbon and nutrient cycling and interactions with climate change.

Steven Bouillon, Anja Rammig, Tina Treude, and Sara Vicca
Co-editors-in-chief of Biogeosciences