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Research article 15 Dec 2017

Research article | 15 Dec 2017

Scotland's forgotten carbon: a national assessment of mid-latitude fjord sedimentary carbon stocks

Craig Smeaton et al.
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Substantial stores of sedimentary carbon held in mid-latitude fjords
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Short summary
Fjord sediments are recognised as hotspots for the burial and long-term storage of carbon. In this study, we use the Scottish fjords as a natural laboratory. Using geophysical and geochemical analysis in combination with upscaling techniques, we have generated the first full national sedimentary C inventory for a fjordic system. The results indicate that the Scottish fjords on a like-for-like basis are more effective as C stores than their terrestrial counterparts, including Scottish peatlands.
Fjord sediments are recognised as hotspots for the burial and long-term storage of carbon. In...