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Special issue: Data assimilation in carbon/biogeochemical cycles: consistent...

Biogeosciences, 14, 3401-3429, 2017
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Reviews and syntheses 19 Jul 2017

Reviews and syntheses | 19 Jul 2017

Reviews and syntheses: Systematic Earth observations for use in terrestrial carbon cycle data assimilation systems

Marko Scholze et al.
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Manuscript under review for BG
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Biogeochemistry: Modelling, Terrestrial
An evaluation of SMOS L-band vegetation optical depth (L-VOD) data sets: high sensitivity of L-VOD to above-ground biomass in Africa
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Short summary
This paper briefly reviews data assimilation techniques in carbon cycle data assimilation and the requirements of data assimilation systems on observations. We provide a non-exhaustive overview of current observations and their uncertainties for use in terrestrial carbon cycle data assimilation, focussing on relevant space-based observations.
This paper briefly reviews data assimilation techniques in carbon cycle data assimilation and...