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Research article 17 Feb 2015

Research article | 17 Feb 2015

Drought in forest understory ecosystems – a novel rainfall reduction experiment

K. F. Gimbel et al.
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Does drought alter hydrological functions in forest soils?
Katharina F. Gimbel, Heike Puhlmann, and Markus Weiler
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Yuan Meng, Zhenbin Guo, Susan C. Fitzer, Abhishek Upadhyay, Vera B. S. Chan, Chaoyi Li, Maggie Cusack, Haimin Yao, Kelvin W. K. Yeung, and Vengatesen Thiyagarajan
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Ocean acidification increases the sensitivity of and variability in physiological responses of an intertidal limpet to thermal stress
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Disturbance legacies have a stronger effect on future carbon exchange than climate in a temperate forest landscape
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Revised manuscript accepted for BG
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Short summary
This paper introduces a novel rainfall reduction experiment to investigate drought effects on soil-forest-understory-ecosystems. An annual drought with a return period of 40 years was imposed, while other ecosystem variables (humidity, air & soil temperature) remained unaffected. The first year of drought showed considerable changes in soil moisture dynamics, which affected leaf stomatal conductance of understory species as well as evapotranspiration rates of the forest understory ecosystem.
This paper introduces a novel rainfall reduction experiment to investigate drought effects on...