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Biogeosciences An interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union
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Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS)
Editor(s): A. Reissell and L. Ganzeveld

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15 May 2006
Foliage surface ozone deposition: a role for surface moisture?
N. Altimir, P. Kolari, J.-P. Tuovinen, T. Vesala, J. Bäck, T. Suni, M. Kulmala, and P. Hari
Biogeosciences, 3, 209-228,,, 2006
17 May 2006
Land-surface modelling in hydrological perspective – a review
J. Overgaard, D. Rosbjerg, and M. B. Butts
Biogeosciences, 3, 229-241,,, 2006
28 Apr 2006
C2-C10 hydrocarbon emissions from a boreal wetland and forest floor
H. Hellén, H. Hakola, K.-H. Pystynen, J. Rinne, and S. Haapanala
Biogeosciences, 3, 167-174,,, 2006
14 Mar 2006
Measurements of hydrocarbon emissions from a boreal fen using the REA technique
S. Haapanala, J. Rinne, K.-H. Pystynen, H. Hellén, H. Hakola, and T. Riutta
Biogeosciences, 3, 103-112,,, 2006
13 Mar 2006
Seasonal variation of mono- and sesquiterpene emission rates of Scots pine
H. Hakola, V. Tarvainen, J. Bäck, H. Ranta, B. Bonn, J. Rinne, and M. Kulmala
Biogeosciences, 3, 93-101,,, 2006
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