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Biogeosciences An interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union
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Coupling biogeochemistry and ecology to fluid dynamics in aquatic ecosystems
Editor(s): E. Berdalet i Andrés, T. Battin, and L. van Duren

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01 Aug 2007
Modulation of ecdysal cyst and toxin dynamics of two Alexandrium (Dinophyceae) species under small-scale turbulence
L. Bolli, G. Llaveria, E. Garcés, Ò. Guadayol, K. van Lenning, F. Peters, and E. Berdalet
Biogeosciences, 4, 559–567,,, 2007
15 Mar 2007
Manganese content records seasonal upwelling in Lake Tanganyika mussels
D. Langlet, L. Y. Alleman, P.-D. Plisnier, H. Hughes, and L. André
Biogeosciences, 4, 195–203,,, 2007
16 May 2007
Structure of mass and momentum fields over a model aggregation of benthic filter feeders
J. P. Crimaldi, J. R. Koseff, and S. G. Monismith
Biogeosciences, 4, 269–282,,, 2007
09 Aug 2007
Quantifying biologically and physically induced flow and tracer dynamics in permeable sediments
F. J. R. Meysman, O. S. Galaktionov, P. L. M. Cook, F. Janssen, M. Huettel, and J. J. Middelburg
Biogeosciences, 4, 627–646,,, 2007
02 Mar 2007
Small-scale spatial structure in plankton distributions
A. Tzella and P. H. Haynes
Biogeosciences, 4, 173–179,,, 2007
CC BY 4.0
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