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How changes in ice cover, permafrost and UV radiation impact on biodiversity and biogeochemical fluxes in the Arctic Ocean – The Malina project
Editor(s): M. Babin, S. Belanger, P. Wassmann, E. Boss, A. Bracher, and P. Matrai More information

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28 Aug 2015
Downward particle flux and carbon export in the Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean; the role of zooplankton
J.-C. Miquel, B. Gasser, J. Martín, C. Marec, M. Babin, L. Fortier, and A. Forest
Biogeosciences, 12, 5103–5117,,, 2015
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09 Jun 2015
A 50 % increase in the mass of terrestrial particles delivered by the Mackenzie River into the Beaufort Sea (Canadian Arctic Ocean) over the last 10 years
D. Doxaran, E. Devred, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 12, 3551–3565,,, 2015
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04 Jun 2015
Modelling the impact of riverine DON removal by marine bacterioplankton on primary production in the Arctic Ocean
V. Le Fouest, M. Manizza, B. Tremblay, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 12, 3385–3402,,, 2015
17 Feb 2015
Pigment signatures of phytoplankton communities in the Beaufort Sea
P. Coupel, A. Matsuoka, D. Ruiz-Pino, M. Gosselin, D. Marie, J.-É. Tremblay, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 12, 991–1006,,, 2015
20 Jun 2014
Diversity of Arctic pelagic Bacteria with an emphasis on photoheterotrophs: a review
D. Boeuf, F. Humily, and C. Jeanthon
Biogeosciences, 11, 3309–3322,,, 2014
16 Jun 2014
A synthesis of light absorption properties of the Arctic Ocean: application to semianalytical estimates of dissolved organic carbon concentrations from space
A. Matsuoka, M. Babin, D. Doxaran, S. B. Hooker, B. G. Mitchell, S. Bélanger, and A. Bricaud
Biogeosciences, 11, 3131–3147,,, 2014
11 Sep 2014
Impact of river discharge, upwelling and vertical mixing on the nutrient loading and productivity of the Canadian Beaufort Shelf
J.-É. Tremblay, P. Raimbault, N. Garcia, B. Lansard, M. Babin, and J. Gagnon
Biogeosciences, 11, 4853–4868,,, 2014
27 May 2014
Synoptic evaluation of carbon cycling in the Beaufort Sea during summer: contrasting river inputs, ecosystem metabolism and air–sea CO2 fluxes
A. Forest, P. Coupel, B. Else, S. Nahavandian, B. Lansard, P. Raimbault, T. Papakyriakou, Y. Gratton, L. Fortier, J.-É. Tremblay, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 11, 2827–2856,,, 2014
11 Oct 2013
Light absorption and partitioning in Arctic Ocean surface waters: impact of multiyear ice melting
S. Bélanger, S. A. Cizmeli, J. Ehn, A. Matsuoka, D. Doxaran, S. Hooker, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 10, 6433–6452,,, 2013
04 Jul 2013
Apparent optical properties of the Canadian Beaufort Sea – Part 1: Observational overview and water column relationships
D. Antoine, S. B. Hooker, S. Bélanger, A. Matsuoka, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 10, 4493–4509,,, 2013
27 Jun 2013
Upper Arctic Ocean water masses harbor distinct communities of heterotrophic flagellates
A. Monier, R. Terrado, M. Thaler, A. Comeau, E. Medrinal, and C. Lovejoy
Biogeosciences, 10, 4273–4286,,, 2013
01 Nov 2013
Photooxidation of dimethylsulfide (DMS) in the Canadian Arctic
A. Taalba, H. Xie, M. G. Scarratt, S. Bélanger, and M. Levasseur
Biogeosciences, 10, 6793–6806,,, 2013
29 May 2013
Photosynthetic parameters in the Beaufort Sea in relation to the phytoplankton community structure
Y. Huot, M. Babin, and F. Bruyant
Biogeosciences, 10, 3445–3454,,, 2013
28 Jun 2013
Parameterization of vertical chlorophyll a in the Arctic Ocean: impact of the subsurface chlorophyll maximum on regional, seasonal, and annual primary production estimates
M. Ardyna, M. Babin, M. Gosselin, E. Devred, S. Bélanger, A. Matsuoka, and J.-É. Tremblay
Biogeosciences, 10, 4383–4404,,, 2013
25 Apr 2013
Spatial variability of particle-attached and free-living bacterial diversity in surface waters from the Mackenzie River to the Beaufort Sea (Canadian Arctic)
E. Ortega-Retuerta, F. Joux, W. H. Jeffrey, and J. F. Ghiglione
Biogeosciences, 10, 2747–2759,,, 2013
10 Sep 2013
Multivariate benthic ecosystem functioning in the Arctic – benthic fluxes explained by environmental parameters in the southeastern Beaufort Sea
H. Link, G. Chaillou, A. Forest, D. Piepenburg, and P. Archambault
Biogeosciences, 10, 5911–5929,,, 2013
05 Jun 2013
Spectrally resolved efficiencies of carbon monoxide (CO) photoproduction in the western Canadian Arctic: particles versus solutes
G. Song, H. Xie, S. Bélanger, E. Leymarie, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 10, 3731–3748,,, 2013
26 Apr 2013
UV/PAR radiation and DOM properties in surface coastal waters of the Canadian shelf of the Beaufort Sea during summer 2009
J. Para, B. Charrière, A. Matsuoka, W. L. Miller, J. F. Rontani, and R. Sempéré
Biogeosciences, 10, 2761–2774,,, 2013
15 Jul 2013
Modeling plankton ecosystem functioning and nitrogen fluxes in the oligotrophic waters of the Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean: a focus on light-driven processes
V. Le Fouest, B. Zakardjian, H. Xie, P. Raimbault, F. Joux, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 10, 4785–4800,,, 2013
26 Mar 2013
Carbon sources in suspended particles and surface sediments from the Beaufort Sea revealed by molecular lipid biomarkers and compound-specific isotope analysis
I. Tolosa, S. Fiorini, B. Gasser, J. Martín, and J. C. Miquel
Biogeosciences, 10, 2061–2087,,, 2013
20 Jun 2013
Increasing cloudiness in Arctic damps the increase in phytoplankton primary production due to sea ice receding
S. Bélanger, M. Babin, and J.-É. Tremblay
Biogeosciences, 10, 4087–4101,,, 2013
08 Feb 2013
Estimating absorption coefficients of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) using a semi-analytical algorithm for southern Beaufort Sea waters: application to deriving concentrations of dissolved organic carbon from space
A. Matsuoka, S. B. Hooker, A. Bricaud, B. Gentili, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 10, 917–927,,, 2013
04 Jun 2013
The fate of riverine nutrients on Arctic shelves
V. Le Fouest, M. Babin, and J.-É. Tremblay
Biogeosciences, 10, 3661–3677,,, 2013
30 Aug 2012
Corrigendum to "Photoproduction of ammonium in the southeastern Beaufort Sea and its biogeochemical implications" published in Biogeosciences, 9, 3047–3061, 2012
H. Xie, S. Bélanger, G. Song, R. Benner, A. Taalba, M. Blais, V. Le Fouest, J.-É. Tremblay, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 9, 3475–3475,,, 2012
02 May 2013
Ecosystem function and particle flux dynamics across the Mackenzie Shelf (Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean): an integrative analysis of spatial variability and biophysical forcings
A. Forest, M. Babin, L. Stemmann, M. Picheral, M. Sampei, L. Fortier, Y. Gratton, S. Bélanger, E. Devred, J. Sahlin, D. Doxaran, F. Joux, E. Ortega-Retuerta, J. Martín, W. H. Jeffrey, B. Gasser, and J. Carlos Miquel
Biogeosciences, 10, 2833–2866,,, 2013
01 Feb 2013
Organic molecular composition of marine aerosols over the Arctic Ocean in summer: contributions of primary emission and secondary aerosol formation
P. Q. Fu, K. Kawamura, J. Chen, B. Charrière, and R. Sempéré
Biogeosciences, 10, 653–667,,, 2013
22 Nov 2012
Distributions of low molecular weight dicarboxylic acids, ketoacids and α-dicarbonyls in the marine aerosols collected over the Arctic Ocean during late summer
K. Kawamura, K. Ono, E. Tachibana, B. Charriére, and R. Sempéré
Biogeosciences, 9, 4725–4737,,, 2012
04 Jul 2013
Apparent optical properties of the Canadian Beaufort Sea – Part 2: The 1% and 1 cm perspective in deriving and validating AOP data products
S. B. Hooker, J. H. Morrow, and A. Matsuoka
Biogeosciences, 10, 4511–4527,,, 2013
06 Dec 2012
Dissolved organic matter composition and bioavailability reflect ecosystem productivity in the Western Arctic Ocean
Y. Shen, C. G. Fichot, and R. Benner
Biogeosciences, 9, 4993–5005,,, 2012
23 Nov 2012
Intense photooxidative degradation of planktonic and bacterial lipids in sinking particles collected with sediment traps across the Canadian Beaufort Shelf (Arctic Ocean)
J.-F. Rontani, B. Charriere, A. Forest, S. Heussner, F. Vaultier, M. Petit, N. Delsaut, L. Fortier, and R. Sempéré
Biogeosciences, 9, 4787–4802,,, 2012
21 Dec 2012
Quantitative reconstruction of sea-surface conditions over the last 150 yr in the Beaufort Sea based on dinoflagellate cyst assemblages: the role of large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns
L. Durantou, A. Rochon, D. Ledu, G. Massé, S. Schmidt, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 9, 5391–5406,,, 2012
16 Nov 2012
Diversity of cultured photosynthetic flagellates in the northeast Pacific and Arctic Oceans in summer
S. Balzano, P. Gourvil, R. Siano, M. Chanoine, D. Marie, S. Lessard, D. Sarno, and D. Vaulot
Biogeosciences, 9, 4553–4571,,, 2012
27 Sep 2012
Carbon fluxes in the Canadian Arctic: patterns and drivers of bacterial abundance, production and respiration on the Beaufort Sea margin
E. Ortega-Retuerta, W. H. Jeffrey, M. Babin, S. Bélanger, R. Benner, D. Marie, A. Matsuoka, P. Raimbault, and F. Joux
Biogeosciences, 9, 3679–3692,,, 2012
22 Aug 2012
Optical characterisation of suspended particles in the Mackenzie River plume (Canadian Arctic Ocean) and implications for ocean colour remote sensing
D. Doxaran, J. Ehn, S. Bélanger, A. Matsuoka, S. Hooker, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 9, 3213–3229,,, 2012
10 Aug 2012
Photoproduction of ammonium in the southeastern Beaufort Sea and its biogeochemical implications
H. Xie, S. Bélanger, G. Song, R. Benner, A. Taalba, M. Blais, J.-É. Tremblay, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 9, 3047–3061,,, 2012
05 Sep 2012
Degradation state of organic matter in surface sediments from the Southern Beaufort Sea: a lipid approach
J.-F. Rontani, B. Charriere, M. Petit, F. Vaultier, H. J. Heipieper, H. Link, G. Chaillou, and R. Sempéré
Biogeosciences, 9, 3513–3530,,, 2012
10 Apr 2012
Size distribution of particles and zooplankton across the shelf-basin system in southeast Beaufort Sea: combined results from an Underwater Vision Profiler and vertical net tows
A. Forest, L. Stemmann, M. Picheral, L. Burdorf, D. Robert, L. Fortier, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 9, 1301–1320,,, 2012
06 Mar 2012
Tracing the transport of colored dissolved organic matter in water masses of the Southern Beaufort Sea: relationship with hydrographic characteristics
A. Matsuoka, A. Bricaud, R. Benner, J. Para, R. Sempéré, L. Prieur, S. Bélanger, and M. Babin
Biogeosciences, 9, 925–940,,, 2012
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