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Volume 8, issue 5 | Copyright
Biogeosciences, 8, 1181-1192, 2011
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Reviews and syntheses 17 May 2011

Reviews and syntheses | 17 May 2011

Global fungal spore emissions, review and synthesis of literature data

A. Sesartic and T. N. Dallafior A. Sesartic and T. N. Dallafior
  • ETH Zurich, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland

Abstract. The present paper summarizes fungal spore emission fluxes in different biomes. A literature study has been conducted and emission fluxes have been calculated based on 35 fungal spore concentration datasets. Biome area data has been derived from the World Resource Institute. Several assumptions and simplifications needed to be adopted while aggregating the data: results from different measurement methods have been treated equally, while diurnal and seasonal cycles have been neglected. Moreover flux data were aggregated to very coarse biome areas due to scarcity of data. Results show number fluxes per square meter and second of 194 for tropical and subtropical forests, 203 for all other forests, 1203 for shrub, 2509 for crop, 8 for tundra, and 165 for grassland. No data were found for land ice. The annual mean global fluxes amount to 1.69 × 10–11 kg m−2 s−1 as the best estimates, and 9.01 × 10–12 kg m−2 s−1 and 3.28 × 10–11 kg m−2 s−1 as the low and high estimate, respectively.

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