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Biogeosciences, 15, 13-29, 2018
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Research article 03 Jan 2018

Research article | 03 Jan 2018

Organic matter dynamics along a salinity gradient in Siberian steppe soils

Norbert Bischoff et al.
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Norbert Bischoff, Robert Mikutta, Olga Shibistova, Alexander Puzanov, Marina Silanteva, Anna Grebennikova, Roland Fuß, and Georg Guggenberger
Biogeosciences, 14, 2627-2640,,, 2017
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Short summary
This study suggests that soil moisture significantly affects soil organic matter dynamics along a salinity gradient in semiarid steppe soils. The covarying moisture gradient along the salinity gradient serves as an explanatory factor for (i) the increasing soil organic carbon (OC) stocks with increasing salinity, (ii) the constant proportion and stability of particulate OC along the transect, and (iii) a similar fungi : bacteria ratio in the topsoils along the studied gradient.
This study suggests that soil moisture significantly affects soil organic matter dynamics along...