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Volume 14, issue 4
Biogeosciences, 14, 799–815, 2017
© Author(s) 2017. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Biogeosciences, 14, 799–815, 2017
© Author(s) 2017. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research article 23 Feb 2017

Research article | 23 Feb 2017

Growing season CH4 and N2O fluxes from a subarctic landscape in northern Finland; from chamber to landscape scale

Kerry J. Dinsmore et al.

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Amy E. Pickard, Kate V. Heal, Andrew R. McLeod, and Kerry J. Dinsmore
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The import and export of organic nitrogen species at a Scottish ombrotrophic peatland
Rebecca M. McKenzie, Mustafa Z. Özel, J. Neil Cape, Julia Drewer, Kerry J. Dinsmore, Eiko Nemitz, Y. Sim Tang, Netty van Dijk, Margaret Anderson, Jacqueline F. Hamilton, Mark A. Sutton, Martin W. Gallagher, and Ute Skiba
Biogeosciences, 13, 2353–2365,,, 2016
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Carbon dioxide transport across the hillslope–riparian–stream continuum in a boreal headwater catchment
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Drivers of long-term variability in CO2 net ecosystem exchange in a temperate peatland
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Biogeosciences, 12, 1799–1811,,, 2015
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CO2 fluxes and ecosystem dynamics at five European treeless peatlands – merging data and process oriented modeling
C. Metzger, P.-E. Jansson, A. Lohila, M. Aurela, T. Eickenscheidt, L. Belelli-Marchesini, K. J. Dinsmore, J. Drewer, J. van Huissteden, and M. Drösler
Biogeosciences, 12, 125–146,,, 2015
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Biogeosciences, 16, 4211–4227,,, 2019
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Short summary
Release of greenhouse gases from northern soils contributes significantly to the global atmosphere and plays an important role in regulating climate. This study, based in N. Finland, aimed to measure and understand release of CH4 and N2O, and using satellite imagery, upscale our results to a 2 × 2 km area. Wetlands released large amounts of CH4, with emissions linked to temperature and the presence of Sphagnum; landscape emissions were 2.05 mg C m−2 hr−1. N2O fluxes were consistently near-zero.
Release of greenhouse gases from northern soils contributes significantly to the global...