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Research article 21 Dec 2017

Research article | 21 Dec 2017

Nitrous oxide emissions from a peatbog after 13 years of experimental nitrogen deposition

Sarah R. Leeson et al.
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Impacts of the 2014–2015 Holuhraun eruption on the UK atmosphere
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Management matters: testing a mitigation strategy for nitrous oxide emissions using legumes on intensively managed grassland
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Short summary
Nitrogen deposition was experimentally increased on a Scottish peat bog over a period of 13 years (2002–2015), simulating pollution from agricultural and fossil-fuel sources. We measured emissions of the greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide (N2O), in response to the increased nitrogen input. In the plots treated with ammonium and nitrate solution, no response was seen. Areas subjected to high ammonia emitted more N2O than expected. Differences were related to impacts on the vegetation.
Nitrogen deposition was experimentally increased on a Scottish peat bog over a period of 13...