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Research article 07 Dec 2016

Research article | 07 Dec 2016

Use of remote-sensing reflectance to constrain a data assimilating marine biogeochemical model of the Great Barrier Reef

Emlyn M. Jones et al.
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Physical and biogeochemical spatial scales of variability in the East Australian Current separation from shelf glider measurements
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Short summary
Marine biogeochemical models are often used to understand water quality, nutrient and blue-carbon dynamics at scales that range from estuaries and bays, through to the global ocean. We introduce a new methodology allowing for the assimilation of observed remote sensing reflectances, avoiding the need to use empirically derived chlorophyll-a concentrations. This method opens up the possibility to assimilate of reflectances from a variety of missions and potentially non-satellite platforms.
Marine biogeochemical models are often used to understand water quality, nutrient and...