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PeECE: Pelagic Ecosystem CO2 Enrichment StudiesEditor(s): U. Riebesell, R. Bellerby, H.-P. Grossart, and F. Thingstad

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Competition for inorganic and organic forms of nitrogen and phosphorous between phytoplankton and bacteria during an Emiliania huxleyi spring bloom   
T. Løvdal, C. Eichner, H.-P. Grossart, V. Carbonnel, L. Chou, V. Martin-Jézéquel, and T. F. Thingstad
Biogeosciences, 5, 371-383, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 406 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  12 Mar 2008
Dynamics of dimethylsulphoniopropionate and dimethylsulphide under different CO2 concentrations during a mesocosm experiment   
M. Vogt, M. Steinke, S. Turner, A. Paulino, M. Meyerhöfer, U. Riebesell, C. LeQuéré, and P. Liss
Biogeosciences, 5, 407-419, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 462 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  18 Mar 2008
Effects of CO2 on particle size distribution and phytoplankton abundance during a mesocosm bloom experiment (PeECE II)   
A. Engel, K. G. Schulz, U. Riebesell, R. Bellerby, B. Delille, and M. Schartau
Biogeosciences, 5, 509-521, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 457 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  08 Apr 2008
Response of marine viral populations to a nutrient induced phytoplankton bloom at different pCO2 levels   
J. B. Larsen, A. Larsen, R. Thyrhaug, G. Bratbak, and R.-A. Sandaa
Biogeosciences, 5, 523-533, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 2097 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  09 Apr 2008
Availability of phosphate for phytoplankton and bacteria and of glucose for bacteria at different pCO2 levels in a mesocosm study   
T. Tanaka, T. F. Thingstad, T. Løvdal, H.-P. Grossart, A. Larsen, M. Allgaier, M. Meyerhöfer, K. G. Schulz, J. Wohlers, E. Zöllner, and U. Riebesell
Biogeosciences, 5, 669-678, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 506 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  06 May 2008
Build-up and decline of organic matter during PeECE III   
K. G. Schulz, U. Riebesell, R. G. J. Bellerby, H. Biswas, M. Meyerhöfer, M. N. Müller, J. K. Egge, J. C. Nejstgaard, C. Neill, J. Wohlers, and E. Zöllner
Biogeosciences, 5, 707-718, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 812 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  06 May 2008
Effects of increased atmospheric CO2 on small and intermediate sized osmotrophs during a nutrient induced phytoplankton bloom   
A. I. Paulino, J. K. Egge, and A. Larsen
Biogeosciences, 5, 739-748, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 466 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  07 May 2008
Coupling of heterotrophic bacteria to phytoplankton bloom development at different pCO2 levels: a mesocosm study   
M. Allgaier, U. Riebesell, M. Vogt, R. Thyrhaug, and H.-P. Grossart
Biogeosciences, 5, 1007-1022, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 819 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  21 Jul 2008
Microzooplankton grazing and phytoplankton growth in marine mesocosms with increased CO2 levels   
K. Suffrian, P. Simonelli, J. C. Nejstgaard, S. Putzeys, Y. Carotenuto, and A. N. Antia
Biogeosciences, 5, 1145-1156, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 400 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  18 Aug 2008
Mesocosm CO2 perturbation studies: from organism to community level   
U. Riebesell, R. G. J. Bellerby, H.-P. Grossart, and F. Thingstad
Biogeosciences, 5, 1157-1164, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 700 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  21 Aug 2008
Marine ecosystem community carbon and nutrient uptake stoichiometry under varying ocean acidification during the PeECE III experiment   
R. G. J. Bellerby, K. G. Schulz, U. Riebesell, C. Neill, G. Nondal, E. Heegaard, T. Johannessen, and K. R. Brown
Biogeosciences, 5, 1517-1527, 2008
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3332 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  10 Nov 2008
Primary production during nutrient-induced blooms at elevated CO2 concentrations   
J. K. Egge, T. F. Thingstad, A. Larsen, A. Engel, J. Wohlers, R. G. J. Bellerby, and U. Riebesell
Biogeosciences, 6, 877-885, 2009
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 364 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  20 May 2009
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